Donations - Buddy Pelletier Surfing FoundationOur request for donations is just like surfing a wild day with your buddies. To survive the waves successfully, there must a team effort, or at least a safety plan in order. No matter the age or skill level, somebody should always your back out there. Just as we help our buddies recover from a major wipeout, we, as “Buddys” at Buddy Pelletier, pledge to help our friends, neighbors, and fellow surfers when they need it the most, regardless of age, race, or distance. Become a “Buddy” today and make a donation of your choice to our foundation.

For your convenience, the Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation has set up an account to receive offers of support in its efforts to assist East Coast surfers with Scholastic and Humanitarian Aid.   We appreciate all donations made to the foundation, no matter the size. Thank you to all of our new and continued supporters.

If you are interested in helping the Buddy Pelletier Foundation grow even further, please consider supporting our annual longboard classic surfing competition in remembrance of Buddy.